Friday, March 15, 2013

Immunity Releases an Exploit for the Linux Kernel PTRACE vulnerability

Linux PTRACE CVE_2013_0871

Solar Designer calls this one of the more dangerous Linux local exploits since  CVE-2010-3081. (c.f. )

There's some contention over how easy it is to exploit, and like many race conditions, it's not simple. Our current version works on 64 bit kernels in VM's (which have not been patched). To be perfectly honest, we largely tested this on VMWare VMs, so on other hypervisors YMMV.

2.6.29 changed the creds structure, so currently our released exploit is only 2.6.29 or greater. We do have a 32 bit version and a 2.x version which we'll finish testing and release at some point in the near future. And we'll try to fix the 64 bit version to work on non-VM's. It's going to be a while until this hits normal CANVAS as we need to finish 64-bit Linux MOSDEF in order to integrate it properly.

That said, VM's are in fairly common use at the moment so we thought people would get value out of it as-is.


Exploit discussed in this blog post is here:

Of course, you'll need a CANVAS Early Updates subscription to download this. You can email if you don't have one.

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