Monday, February 25, 2013

VisualSploit 2.0

Immunity is well known for its product base that is designed to help the lives and duties as network professionals, security auditors and penetration testers much easier.  However one of the lesser known features of CANVAS is VisualSploit.

VisualSploit is a learning utility that we created specifically for our popular Unethical Hacking training course that we conduct at INFILTRATE.

I have been an instructor of this course for a few years now so I have been in a position to see how a lot of people consume, assimilate and digest topics such as buffer overflows, memory corruption, debugging and assembly and the conclusion of this analysis is that these topics are best illustrated with simple, visual tools.  This way the students can walk away with a solid understanding of what happens before, during and after a buffer overflow.

VisualSploit is that simple, visual tool.  I decided to create VisualSploit v2.0 for a few reasons but topping the list is because I was paying close attention to how the tool could be improved to make sure the students got the most out of training and learning about these topics.

The new VisualSploit v2.0 web interface

During the Unethical Hacking course we teach you everything you need to know about assembly in order to write an exploit for buffer overflows.  With the help of VisualSploit you can literally go from analyzing the crash in Immunity Debugger to a working exploit/proof of concept in a matter of minutes because no programming is required.  VisualSploit behind the scenes just builds a CANVAS exploit for you which means that everything you build will be available to you as a regular exploit module the next time you start up CANVAS.  You're welcome.

This visual and hands-on method of teaching and learning about buffer overflows is very effective.  I have yet to encounter a student who didn't have that "ah-ha!" moment where it all clicked and they were able to finish writing the more challenging (and fun) exploits for real-world applications by the end of the course.

So come join me in April during the INFILTRATE edition of the Unethical Hacking class.  It will be fun and educational but more importantly you get to break stuff.

- @MarkWuergler

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