Wednesday, October 3, 2012

STALKER, SILICA, and Megacorp System Integrators

So one thing we are finding with SILICA is that you notice policy weaknesses more than anything else. For example, many large system integration companies have an "internal" wireless network in their office which is set up as WPA, and has a properly configured non WPS-vulnerable, difficult key.

Which is great.

But because of the way these system integrators do business, they also have a Open network called "SysInt_Guest" or just "Guest" which is how their contractors all do business while in their spaces.

The attack here is to simply sit on the Open network with SILICA, and then take your PCAPs and run them through STALKER. In a half hour, you'll (theoretically) have access to their poorly secured, veteran owned partner, who is doing the actual work. If you don't have straight up access via POP3 or some other unencrypted protocol, then you'll definitely have the websites they've visited (allowing you to client-side them with one click from SILICA, of course), and Facebook access, which will allow you to social engineer your way into their network. These things are now brutally simple to do.

So our advice of the day for system integrators is "Use a strong WPA key on your guest network! Put it on postit-notes if you have to, in the conference room. Change the key occasionally, if you can spare the cycles (and the post-it notes)."  Because you're hiring that certified 8a veteran owned small business because of the access they have, but that access can be used against you.

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