Monday, July 23, 2012


So a few weeks ago I ran the WPS attack against one of our test AP's. I started it up, it auto-detected the safest delays and off it went. And went. And went.

Several days later it noticed the AP had started having some issues, so it stopped before it crashed it. This was "nice" but hardly the result I was looking for. It did, however, get the WPS info from the AP, meaning I had its exact version. I noticed that I also happened to have that version in the Info tab in SILICA.

SILICA WPS Information Tab - extremely useful information!

On a whim I restarted it, after manually configuring it to use the Linksys E3200 information. 42 minutes later, I had the WPA passphrase and the WPS pin. THAT was what I was looking for.

You'll notice the new version of SILICA does this for you automatically. If you want the old behavior, you need to go into Preferences and uncheck it. But by default it "does the right thing" and you should be getting many more passphrases now from the SILICA WPS attack.

The WPS Preferences Window lets you choose to do things manually
or just let SILICA make all the right decisions.
Thanks for reading! Please let us know if it works better for you now!

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